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Syd Barrett in the acid sea.jpg
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Submitted on
May 7, 2012
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Syd Barrett in the acid sea by ROSENFELDTOWN Syd Barrett in the acid sea by ROSENFELDTOWN
Para la sección "Psiconautas ilustres", revista THC, Nº 50
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wow, it's so warm... sunlit! as with many people around the internet, this is one of my fave artistic representation of Syd Barrett. reminds me of this.
i'm so glad i found your gallery.
Ohh, good point! good point!
thes images are very similar in many aspects. Warm is a nice word!
Thanks for the comment, very interesting.
I Would love to purchase this.. But bigger!!! Amazing! I saw it on google and searched for so long!
Ahh, you found it!

for bigger size, I´ll be uploading soon, I hope Deviantart support it.
This Picture is just awesome, it's my favorite of all of your pictures. I realy don't know how but in the picture you are creating a huge distance between the viewer and the Motiv (in that case Syd)
witch make him seem absent even if his body is here you can feel that his mind is far far away.
and that is what makes the Picture so awesome.
and the longer i look at it the more aspects of Syd Baretts charakter i see in the picture
i think this picture captured syd barretts "essence" of beeing in between realety and fantasy incredebly well
this picture is awesome in so many levels
or in short form
good job man keep it on :) 
(and no i am not stoned right now ;))
Your words, ahhhhh, Thank you! makes feel really good and keep working on with a big smile.
And no i am not stoned right now, but starting up.
Thank you Jenovar!
Crystal-Skull Feb 22, 2014  Professional Artist
why can't you sell it out as a large frame picture ? I absolutly love this work, and I would love to have this hangning in my livingroom ! 
Hi. I don´t know about sizes. I´ll be uploading I guess.
If you want an specific size, I can send it via e-mail. I have an actualized picture, with thinner guitar strings.

I own a piece of Syd Barrett furniture and seeing this painting has given me the same longing to have ... It's fantastic - the best depiction of any artist from any artist I've ever seen! I joined this site just to comment!
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